Rear Naked Choke Self Defense – Self Defense Saturday

Rear Naked Choke Defense

Rear Naked Choke Self Defense – Self Defense Saturday

Self Defense Saturday

Rear Naked Choke Defense

In this defense, a quick spin with some easy footwork allows you to take your opponent down, strike and get away!

As women we are taught to always be aware of our surroundings and to expect the unexpected. When you learn how to defend yourself and practice some simple techniques  you’ll feel more confident, and your reaction time will increase. 

Time is critical in defending yourself against this type of attack.

If you are attacked with a rear naked choke you will have about 9 seconds or less before you pass out and lose consciousness. Leaving you helpless against your attacker.

There are many ways you can learn to defend yourself from this type of attack. 

Today I learned one technique I can use to defend myself. Practice the steps below.

  1. Grab your attackers arm with both hands and pull down trying to create space under your chin. If you can, lower your chin to keep their arm from connecting with your neck.
  2. Use the leg that corresponds with the arm that is choking you, to step backwards and behind your attackers leg. 
  3. Spin around towards his elbow, pushing him backward over your leg, tripping him to the ground.
  4. Punch, kick, stomp and GET AWAY

As always practice before you need it!! It could save your life!!



All self defense techniques and instruction on this website are for entertainment purposes only. Practice at your own risk!

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