Family Friday – Thank You!

Family Friday - Thank You!

Family Friday – Thank You!

Just wanted to say

Family Friday - Thank You!

Thank You to my readers!

What a fun crazy journey this has been…

So much love and support and interaction with incredible people!

Pinterest has been amazing and the main source of all my traffic!!

10 million impressions!


475,000 views and 11,950 saves

Best Day Yet!!!

Best Day Yet! 91,000 views


325,550 views and 3,320 saves

During quarantine home haircuts took off!

96,460 views and 564 saves

What now?

Right now, I’m playing catch up from quarantine!

If you want to partner with me, I’ll be getting back to you soon! If you’re interested in becoming a partner, contact me through my email

Slowly but surely! More exciting things to come!

Hope you all are safe and well!!

Crafty Wildflower Grief Journal
Becoming the Crafty Wildflower
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