Self Defense Saturday – Fight Camp At Home Boxing Workouts and Equipment

Self Defense Saturday - Fight Camp At Home Boxing Workouts and Equipment

Self Defense Saturday – Fight Camp At Home Boxing Workouts and Equipment

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Today for #selfdefensesaturday I’m partnering up with Fight Camp

I had originally planned to release these partnerships with my new site dedicated solely to self defense.

Let’s get real! Covid-19 has thrown a kink in all our lives!!

So I’m going to continue blogging here until everything calms down and the new self defense site is up and running.

With that I want to introduce to you all a great way to stay fit and healthy while learning a new skill!!!

What is Fight Camp?

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FightCamp is not only fitness program that will help you become healthier but also a lifestyle experience. You will get in great shape while also learning a skill. Learn more here…

FightCamp is connected at-home boxing.

Why Choose FightCamp?

1) Convenience : FightCamp is convenient. The workouts exist in an on-demand library so you can access something that fits your needs literally whenever you want. The FightCamp Gym lives in your home so you don’t have to travel to the gym, sit in traffic, worry about parking, full classes, social pressure, etc.

2) Engaging Workouts : FightCamp workouts are fun and engaging. They aren’t mundane like other at home fitness options. Boxing workouts are action-packed and energetic by nature. FightCamp workouts are designed and shot in the style of a “group workout.” You have a really motivating trainer on stage leading a group of people live, in-studio and also a community of thousands of at-home users to push you.

3) Programming Depth : Most workout programming runs surface deep – especially at-home workout programming. All other boxing-style (or martial arts style) home workouts provide a very surface-level experience where you don’t learn much and don’t have any kind of path to progress. FightCamp emphasizes progress. We have a 10-12 week beginners path called the Prospect Path which literally teaches you the basics of how to box. We also have 3 different levels (beginner-intermediate-advanced) which give users something to aspire to. The two value props below have been very successful in converting people into customers. They both are offshoots of the depth built into our programming:

  a. Learn Boxing: We teach you the basics of boxing which giving you a good workout and building a strong physical base for boxing in our 10-12 week Prospect Path.

  b. Trainer-Led: Our workouts are pre-planned for you and are led by a group of 6 rock-star trainers who push you to your limits.

3) Emotional Benefits : A recent Vogue article referred to boxing workouts as “Tension-releasing workouts that pack a punch.” It went on… “Maybe, it occurred, that fighting on one way prepares you to fight in others.” This is a benefit we have heard from many of our users as well. That is, our workouts empower our members to become stronger and more confident physically and this resonates through each facet of their life; physically, mentally, spiritually.

4) Most Effective Total Body Workout : Sports-specific training is the best, most engaging way to train and the fighter’s workout is known to be one of the most effective workouts of all! Punching properly engages the entire body.

Check out FightCamp to stay in shape and stay healthy while staying home during this Covid-19 pandemic!

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