Trimming and Thinning Thick Wavy Hair – Tangled Thursday

Trimming and Thinning Thick Wavy Hair - Tangled Thursday

Trimming and Thinning Thick Wavy Hair – Tangled Thursday

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Does your daughter have thick, unmanageable hair? Is every morning a screaming match while trying to brush through her thick mane? My daughter, Allie, has enough hair for 3 people!

I like to trim thick wavy hair while it’s dry or slightly damp, in order to cut the hair in it’s natural pattern. If you cut it wet, you can have a technically perfect haircut that looks imperfect because wavy hair strands dry at different lengths.

Trimming And Thinning Thick Wavy Hair – Tangled Thursday

In this video I’m using my FAVORITE spray bottle. The continuing mist spray bottle found **here**

Steps For Thinning Thick Wavy Hair

*I start by doing a basic haircut like I did on my daughter Makayla back here>>

We took off enough to cut off all of her layers and turn it into a blunt cut.

*Next, section off the hair into manageable sections. I did three sections with her hair because it is so thick!

*Take ½ to 1 inch vertical sections that you want to thin


*Start slow, you can always thin out the hair more at the end of  the process.

*I like to take the sections at an angle then with the thinning shears I make two angled cuts. One cut that is 2 to 3 inches from the scalp and the next midway down the hair shaft.

Trimming And Thinning Thick Wavy Hair – Tangled Thursday

(I have done this thinning process many times on my daughter, Allie, who has extremely thick hair, so I know this works particularly well for her hair. Go slow, until you know what works for you – take out more at the end if needed.)

*After you have made the two cuts, brush the hair out of your section. I left a lot of this part out of the video because it was so repetitive.

*Try one inconspicuous section and see how it looks before continuing on.

*Continue on around the head, leaving out the hairline by the ears, forehead, and underneath by your neck so you don’t end up with short pieces of hair sticking up or out all over once you are done. Leave the area where you part your hair until very last.

*Once you have thinned out all of the sections, and combed out the hair you can work on the top crown area where you part your hair.

*In this area, you can thin it if you are cautious. Take the top sections and only thin the bottom 3 to 4 inches. You can do closer to the scalp only on the underneath side of the part, never on top, or you will have short pieces sticking up all over when you are done. If you are careful, and work on the underside, without taking out too much, the shorter pieces underneath act as a way to give volume at the crown of your hair.

Trimming And Thinning Thick Wavy Hair – Tangled Thursday

Style your hair

*I like to round brush the top section of the hair for volume.

*Next I section off the hair and distribute a hair protectant through the hair.

*Last I straighten the hair in sections until smooth.

*Backcomb the top of the hair for volume and smooth down the top of the hair.

*Secure your style with hairspray.

*Enjoy your tear free mornings!!

I really like to use a wet brush on my kids with tender heads. It helps to cut down on unnecessary tears. However, before I thin my daughters thick hair, the brush won’t make it through all of it. After we thin it, it works great and we have no more tears!

Try it out and see what you think!

With so many girls in my house, I like to cut down on losing brushes by labeling each girls brush with their name in vinyl.

COMING SOON! Check out my shop to purchase personalized vinyl decals for your girls accessories.

As my girls have gotten older, and everyone needs to be ready at the same time, we have several of each styling tool.

I label everything so that there are no fights on who has to pick up, clean up or take care of what is left out on the bathroom counter.

Which means less crying and no whining, which is a win for me!



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