Mirror Frame Makeover – Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday - Mirror Makeover

Mirror Frame Makeover – Makeover Monday

Simple decor that makes a big statement!

Makeover Monday - Mirror Makeover

One of the pieces in my home that gets the most compliments is my mustard yellow mirror frame with fabric insert!

I was so easy to do I’m almost embarrassed to share it.

I simply spry painted an old mirror frame that we had laying around with a couple coats of mustard yellow paint and let that dry thoroughly.

Makeover Monday - Mirror Makeover
Rustoleum Marigold in Gloss finish

Next I found some fabric that matched the colors and style of the mirror frame and my house.

I covered the mirror with the fabric and attached it to the back of the mirror.

Last, I had this cute wreath I bought at Target several years ago that I thought would look great hanging from the middle. 

So I found some cute matching ribbon and slipped it through the frame and attached it to the back of the mirror as well.

Makeover Monday - Mirror Makeover

That’s it!! 

Super Simple repurpose of something I already had!

What have you repurposed that’s been a simple fix that’s made a big Statement?

Have a Great Monday!!


The Wildflower

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