How Do You Handle Your Grief?

How Do You Handle Your Grief?

How Do You Handle Your Grief?

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  • Are you an angry griever?
  • A quiet griever?
  • A loner?
  • A fighter?
  • A find a friend to talk to type griever? 

We all handle our grief differently, and I think even differently at different stages of grief. 

The morning after my dad passed away my friends all came home from school together and met together at a friends house. There they called me to tell me they loved me and asked me if I wanted to come over? 

I did. I was 14. They were the most important thing to me, besides my family, at that time. 

It’s something I’ll never forget. As I walked up to the house where my friends were, they all encircled me to hug me and as they did, the tears erupted out of me. I couldn’t stop them. They asked me to share with them what happened. I did. And the reality of my dad’s death set in. 

I wasn’t the same. I was different. Changed. Forever. 

As we approach the 25th anniversary of my dad’s death I’ll be sharing what happened in a mini series every Tuesday. I’ll talk about the night he died, how I survived the teen years after the loss of him, how grief is a constant you can overcome, and if you’re grieving the loss of somebody in your life that there is hope, healing, and love for you too!


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