Family Friday – Bottle Cap Stickers For Crafts And Projects!

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

Family Friday – Bottle Cap Stickers For Crafts And Projects!

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These bottle cap necklaces, zipper pulls and lanyards have been around the internet for a long time and are so cute!

BUT I had one big problem with them when I used this craft for my 10 year old daughters birthday party…

It was difficult getting the images to adhere to the bottle caps without using stinky, hard for kids to use, toxic glue.

I searched the internet for a simple solution because the pictures were falling off before the party was even over. I couldn’t find any suggestions except using stronger glues with longer drying times.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
lanyards or zipper pulls

So I came up with this solution for our next craft party and it worked pretty great!!

I printed my designs on 1” avery labels!

I live in a small town so I couldn’t find them in stores anywhere but did find them on amazon. You can find them here or check with your local stores to see who might carry them.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

No more printing photos at the store and coming home and punching them out to the correct size and then gluing them on.

You simply use the template on the avery website then print, peal and stick them on your different bottle cap crafts.

After attaching the sticker, top it with your favorite 1”  epoxy sticker on top.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
Epoxy stickers

You guys this is the perfect solution and so easy to customize and use for all your different craft or birthday parties!

I even used them for my Activity Day girls at church. I had them make one that said I am a child of God

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

Also one with a cute fun design… You can even use a family photo!

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

On top of the cute stickers I use these epoxy dots that you can find here.

You could leave these off but it looks cute on a necklaces giving them a polished look and makes the sticker more durable for your sports bags or backpacks.

You can use them on purses or jackets as a cute accessory.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

Or even a cute message or your school colors and mascot.

The possibilities are endless and easy to use and make to resell at school functions or for your budding entrepreneur. 

And my favorite, that I will be doing from now on, is putting all of these on my kids different sports bags, instruments, and jackets that somehow always end up misplaced when we need them most.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

That way when they are all in a pile at the gym, school or band room, it’s easy to pick theirs out quickly, no more guessing or ending up with the wrong bag at home. 

Or if your purse, backpack, bag, instrument, or sports gear gets misplaced or left behind, your contact information is on there so it’s easy to place the items back with their rightful owner. 

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers
Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

I would even use these with little kids at theme parks or zoos in case your little one gets lost. Simply have it attached to their jacket with your phone number printed on it.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

Or looking through the lost and found or items left at school… no more guessing whom it belongs to or who to contact if found. The amount of information you want to share is up to you and completely customizable. 

You could even use it on your luggage or as a pet tag for your puppies. You could design and customize it just for your little furbaby.

Family Friday – Bottlecap Stickers

The best part is these are easy to switch out. So, lets say you want to use one with contact information and then you want to switch it to something cute all you have to do is peel off the sticker and epoxy dot and replace it with a new sticker.

Practical and easy!

I will link the different products I used below. They are so simple to make and do on your own, or if you want a kit already to go, you can contact me at to have a customizable sticker made that you can have printed or I can print and ship to you.

But really guys these are just so fun and NOW super easy to do that I had to share this new method with you.  

Happy Crafting!


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