Tangled Thursday – Basic boys haircut

Tangled Thursday Basic Boy's Haircut

Tangled Thursday – Basic boys haircut

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Tangled Thursday

This one is for all you boy moms! 

I only have one boy in the house, besides my hubby. My cute son is 15 and his name is Dallen. He likes his hair cut more regularly than I have time for but I could imagine for you moms with more than one boy in your house that haircuts alone could keep you pretty busy!!

My boys like their hair cut at least every 4-6 weeks. If it even starts to tickle the top of their ears, or grow too far down their neck, they start asking for me to cut their hair.  

I think most savvy moms have figured out how to cut their sons hair at some point. Sometimes it just has to be done! Which is great!

However, there are a few tricks to help give it a more polished overall look that your son will thank you for!

One common mistake I see when moms cut their boys hair is that they don’t pull the bangs down in front and give them a trim. And I don’t mean a short one, just a 1/4-1/2” trim. On the other hand I’ve see it where the bangs have been combed down and cut straight across the forehead, giving the hair a very blunt look if it falls down in the front. 

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Tangled Thursday Basic Boy's Haircut

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The Crafty Wildflower

Disclaimer: All Tangled Thursday tutorials on Craftywildflower.com are for entertainment purposes only. Always seek advice from your own professional cosmetologist if you have questions.

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