Weighted Blanket Review – ? Wellness Wednesday ?

Weighted Blanket Review – Wellness Wednesday

Weighted Blanket Review – ? Wellness Wednesday ?

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Today we’re talking sleep. How do you sleep?

Yesterday I revealed that I’ve suffered from anxiety in my life. (more on that another day) but I also don’t sleep well. 

Like ever

Sometimes I’m up multiple times during the night and sometimes I don’t fall asleep until 4am only to be up again at 7am to get my kiddos off for school. 

Needless to say, it’s pretty awful. 

Some nights I can’t stop moving my legs, which means my husband doesn’t sleep either. ?

My husband heard about weighted blankets and he was sold on buying one for me. 

I wasn’t convinced, especially with the steep price on some of them. 

If I didn’t like it we just bought an expensive throw and I wasn’t into trying out a gimmick, but he persisted. 

Actually he bought one from amazon, without me knowing, until it showed up. This is the one he bought:

Weighted Blanket Review – Wellness Wednesday

Shop around and find one that works for you. 

After my husband presented me with the blanket, I did some research.

I was surprised to find that there are many benefits!

Weighted blankets are designed to simulate a hug and were originally developed to help calm children with autism or sensory processing disorder. They found that it also helped those suffering from anxiety and restless leg syndrome ??‍♀️ as well as insomnia, stress and pain associated with fibromyalgia. 

So…I slept with it the first time the other night before we left out of town, and oh my gosh you guys I slept. Like really slept. 

I slept so well that I woke up well before my alarm went off and happily did my exercises before my kids even woke up.

I thought it was a fluke but when we got back (we didn’t take it with us because it’s quite heavy) I laid down for a quick recharge after traveling all day. I pulled the weighted blanket over my regular blanket and fell soundly asleep very quickly. 

Which my husband was quick to document with a picture for proof that it works! ??

Weighted Blanket Review - Wellness Wednesday

Usually when I lay down if I need to rest, I lay there with my eyes open and then just continue on with my day in an exhausted awake state. 

I’m sold! If this helps me, it might help you too. 

I don’t know if my husband bought the BEST blanket out there but I know it was reasonably priced to try it out, and it works great! I also like that it’s made of cotton, for temperature regulation, I don’t like being too hot at night. You can also purchase a duvet for it to keep it protected which is great! 

I LOVE IT!! It is so calming! I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight!!

Do some research if you’re suffering from terrible sleep like I was.

Anyone else tried these? What do you think? Love it or hate it? 

I’m getting all of my kids one for Easter!

Happy sleeping!! ???



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