Tell it all Tuesday – Journal Prompt – If I could be like my loved one in any way I would adopt…

Tell it all Tuesday - My dad’s musical abilities

Tell it all Tuesday – Journal Prompt – If I could be like my loved one in any way I would adopt…

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My dad’s musical abilities.

My dad’s musical abilities.

I inherited my love of music from my dad, but sadly I did not inherit his ability to play the piano, the organ or his ability to read notes and sing. 

As long as I can remember, my dad was either in a Bishopric calling or playing the organ in church.

When he would play the organ we would take turns sitting next to him on the stand behind the organ.

Tell it all Tuesday - My dad’s musical abilities

I loved it when it was my turn to sit next to dad on the stand. I was in awe of his ability to coordinate the different keys, buttons and simultaneously play with his feet. 

I have great memories sitting next to him and scribbling tic-tac-toe or connect the dot game on the back of the church program in between songs.

While he was serving as the ward organist, he would often head to the church to practice playing the organ during the week. Many times we would tag along and play in the gym while he practiced.

We could hear the organ distantly in the background while we enjoyed our time playing tag or basketball until he was finished about and hour or so later.

I had no idea at the time how incredibly talented he was.

It wasn’t until many years after he had passed, when I was looking through some old books in the basement,  I came across some of his old piano books.

I remember taking them to my mom and asking her who’s they were. When she told me the books of Bach I was holding were my dads, I had no idea that he had the ability and talent to play such difficult pieces. 

Tell it all Tuesday - My dad’s musical abilities

He was incredibly smart and talented in so many things and I wish he were here so that we could continue to enjoy his many talents.

With his PHD in agronomy my garden would probably be much better if he was here. HA! 

My kids might have someone who could help them with their questions about music since they all love to play and sing.

I’m still so grateful that the music gene was passed on through me to my cute kiddos. All of them carry on the love of music and the ability to sing and play music. Some play the piano, some play the violin and guitar and one plays the drums.

I wish I had appreciated his talent and love of music more while he was alive. I wish instead of playing in the gym I had sat in the back of the chapel and listened to him play.

I still love to look at his piano and imagine the sound of him playing at it. 

Tell it all Tuesday - My dad’s musical abilities

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