Tangled Thursday – CC Ponytail hat


Tangled Thursday – CC Ponytail hat

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Tangled Thursday – CC Beanie ponytail hat

Easy and cute hat hairstyle! 

I love hats but hate how the low ponytail looks and feels plus I don’t always want to wear my hair down on my neck when it’s hot outside. 

My hair in the ponytail always gets so bunched up and knotted and sweaty in a low ponytail.

These CC Beanies are the PERFECT solution to all my hat pet peeves above.

  • Off the neck
  • Can wear a ponytail or a bun
  • Cute styles to choose from
  • So many cut styles can be done with the hair when it’s up in a ponytail in the hat
  • No tangled knotted hair on my hot neck 

You can check out some styles here! Let me know if you try it and what you think!

My girls are rocking some sparkly styles here.

Love these cuties!!


The Wildflower

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