Spiritual Sunday – Super Mom

Spiritual Sunday – Super Mom

Spiritual Sunday – Super Mom

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Most #TellitallTuesday‘s I write about the passing of my father.

The Morning After And The Funeral - Part 3 - Tell It All Tuesday

How my nine siblings and I overcame the daily struggle to move on and grow up with out him there to cheer us on.

Our New Normal - Grow Through What You Go Through - Susan Bushnell Larsen - CraftyWildflower.com

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Last Sunday while scrolling through instagram I came across the picture below. I quickly took a screen shot and I’ve thought about it several times over the last week.

This painting reminds me so much of my mother (except there needs to be about 7 more kids added behind this mother)

Grow Through What You Go Through - Tell it all Tuesday

After my dad passed away it was my mother that lead 10 kids… alone.

The Morning After And The Funeral - Part 3 - Tell It All Tuesday

Being 14 and a teenager when my dad passed away, I was focused on working through my own struggles, as most teens are, I would feel sorry for our family and wonder what we missed out on by losing our father so young.

The Morning After And The Funeral - Part 3 - Tell It All Tuesday

It’s very sad for us that he’s gone, but where would we be today without our mother?

As I look back over my childhood, several things have stood out to me about my mother that I think made all the difference for our family.

She never wavered in her faith that Heavenly Father has a plan.

Leaving her own heartache and despair hidden and leading her children through this earthly life, always towards God and towards Heaven. My mom rarely missed church after my dad passed away and always encouraged us to attend with her. Much like the poem that was written by our family friend and read at my dads funeral here.

The Morning After And The Funeral - Part 3 - Tell It All Tuesday

I never once heard her say why me?

Something I have marveled at over the years. Left to care for 10 kids alone, and she never once blamed God for the trial she would now have to endure.

She’s never stopped moving forward.

It would have been so much easier for her to give up, throw in the towel, and stay in bed. Instead I remember a mother who went to bed long after me every night. sometimes I would hear her up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep from the worries of the day or doing laundry and preparing for the next days activities, and then up again before me the next day.

Despite her own heartache she continued living.

My mom never stopped living after my dad died. She continued to take us on family trips to many places, including one across the world to Thailand! She’s opened and managed several successful businesses on her own.

She lives in the moment!

My kids love when GrandmaSue comes to visit because she plays with them! She gets in the pool, goes down the waterslides, plays in the snow, rides the rollercoasters and makes the memories!

(I often joke with her that she must have super genes because she has more energy than most people half her age.)

I know her heart longs for my dad, and I know he longs to be here with her, to help her through life challenges but for whatever reason she is here to lead us along alone.

Our New Normal - Grow Through What You Go Through - CraftyWildflower.com

Her level of endurance astounds many and inspires more to keep moving forward despite their adversities.

She currently owns and runs a chain of restaurants in Utah.

Check out Dog Haus in Sandy, UT

She works long days on her feet, managing, cooking, and cleaning and still manages to find time to support all of her kids and grandkids!

She shows up to cheer on her grandkids when it matters most!

Sunday - Graduation
Makayla’s graduation

She inspires me to be better. To never give up. To keep moving forward.

Like the mother in the painting, what kind of difference can you make in the lives of those you lead?

Love you mom!


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