Self Defense Saturday – Back Punch With Take Down

Self Defense Saturday – Back Punch With Take Down

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For those that are new to The CraftyWildflower (learn about me here) on Saturday’s we learn self defense.

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These videos are to inspire others to fight back and show you that anyone can learn to defend themselves.

See our previous videos here and more about our self defense journey at the bottom of this post here or click the Saturday link above.

I like to keep it simple! If you over complicate the steps, for me, it becomes about making sure I do every move right instead of just doing something. So here I show a quick clip so you can get an idea of what you can do and so you can see that if I can do it SO CAN YOU!!

I have no formal training and these videos are purely for entertainment purposes.

However, I do have 2 teens that are blackbelts, and a hubby who are teaching me and I’m grateful he lets me practice throwing him around :).

M3 Karate Gilbert Arizona
My kids at ages 13 and 11 they have grown so much since!!

My tip-Practice these moves at home so that your response is automatic. Watching videos is different than putting it into practice. Practice until you feel confident with the steps, then if faced with the situation the muscle memory will be automatic. 

I have always wanted to learn self defense techniques but never had the time between my four kids and their activities.

For the Back Punch self defense With Take Down follow these steps.

  1. Block, Strike & Trap the blocked arm
  2. Grab Opponents waist (while keeping hold of the trapped arm). Use footwork to switch feet to prepare for throw.
  3. Bend and throw opponent over your hip, keeping hold of the trapped arm.
  4. Strike multiple times, and GET AWAY!

To see formal training videos from our kids M3 Karate teacher please visit here.


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