My favorite hats are on sale!

Family Friday - Rest and Relaxation

My favorite hats are on sale!

I love a good hat!

Ponytail hat

And these are my favorite hats for summer!

I wear them all the time during the hot months when I want to throw on a hat but don’t want my hair in a low ponytail or sweaty and stuck to my neck. yuck!

They are easy to use and I still feel cute even though I just threw on a hat for the day.

Family Friday - Rest and Relaxation
V-neck maxi dress can be found here

I have the CC version and the generic version too and love them both!!

Ponytail hat

They keep the sun out of my eyes and the hair off of my neck. WIN WIN!

Family Friday - Rest and Relaxation
I wore this charcoal color and my pink ponytail hat almost every day we went to the pool!

Seriously a great deal on these ponytail hats for summer! Grab one before they sell out!

ponytail hat
So many great colors!

My cute little adore them too! It’s a quick fix to that morning summer hair when we need to get out the door in a hurry!

Ponytail hat

I talked about these cuties this spring. You can find the CC version here

Find more styles like the sparkly ones my girls are wearing here.

Have a great day!


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