Laughter and Vitamin C – Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday - laughter and vitamin C

Laughter and Vitamin C – Wellness Wednesday

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My hubby is a funny guy! Love him!

Many years ago I read an article about Normin Cousins and how he healed himself from a degenerative collagen disorder with vitamin C and laughter.

You can find an article about it here.

To summarize the article, Norman Cousins decided that he would check himself out of the hospital and into a hotel across the street. With his doctors supervision he was administered an IV of Vitamin C at varying doses while at the same time watching funny movies.

Normin said that watching funny movies and laughing for 10 min. offered about 2 hours of pain free living, when even morphine wouldn’t work.

He has since said that it may have been a placebo effect, but that within a couple months he was doing better. Within 2 years he was healed from the debilitating effects of the collagen disorder.

The subject of laughter came up a couple months ago at a suicide prevention seminar that my husband and I attended at our local high school.

I like to stay educated on the new types of difficulties that teens this day in age may be facing, since I am currently raising two, with two more in tow.

My teens are great at talking to me, but hearing about what they are facing from a professional gave us a different perspective.

One thing that the speaker talked about was laughter.

He talked about how as we age we all seem to laugh less and less and that it could be contributing to some of the depression that we are seeing today in adults and teens.

Now, he also mentioned many other issues that may also be contributors, such as;

  • Not spending enough time outdoors
  • Digital Device Screen Time.

Back when kids were working on family farms they spent an enormous amount of time outside. Kids these days just aren’t getting enough time out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Back to the laughter, my husband is really good at making sure we have humor in our lives. He is funny! (You can get a good laugh at him here towards the bottom in the Brandon dancing video)It doesn’t come as naturally to me, I am more on the serious side but I have learned to be more silly with our kids since being married to him.

I used to think that it was immature and unrefined to be silly but my kids love it and eat it up and apparently it’s good for all of us.

So, you may have noticed more silliness from me here on the blog. More carpool Karaoke on Sunday’s and silliness in general.(Find our carpool Karaoke videos on my Instagram and Facebook page) There’s a reason, I’m getting over that part of myself that says I can’t be silly, or what will people think if a 40 year old woman acts silly?

Because you know what?

I feel better when I laugh.

Like really laugh with my family and my kids. You know how good you feel after laughing at a really good funny movie, or going to see a comic in person?

It releases endorphins and elevates your mood and for Normin Cousins it seemed to heal him along with the vitamin C.

So today for Wellness Wednesday, I’m challenging all of you to find something to laugh at today. Watch a comedy, turn on a comedic special on netflix or do something silly with your kids.

I promise you they will love it, and have good memories to look back on that include you.

Also, get outside if you can, and take your vitamin C.

Who know’s it might just be the cure you need today!

Have a Happy Day!!


The Wildflower
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