Arm Lock or Hammer Lock Self Defense – Self Defense Saturday

Hammer Lock Self Defense -

Arm Lock or Hammer Lock Self Defense – Self Defense Saturday

Stay aware of your surroundings while traveling or checking out the sites. (Here we are checking out the tank in the park?)  If someone comes up behind you and wants control they may grab one arm and twist it behind your back (hammer lock). Bully’s often use this maneuver on other kids. Learn how to defend yourself, get out of their control and get away!

Quick Hammer Lock Self Defense

  • With your free arm, using footwork to increase your power, spin and strike the attacker with your elbow to their head.
  • Another quick hammer lock defense is to simply do a forward roll (somersault) which frees you from the lock.



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Check out the Outtakes!

If you’re 40 or over you might want to test out some forward rolls before trying this! ?

In my defense, I didn’t want to roll on my hair bun, if you’re a girl you know this hurts ? ? Once you get Brandon and I laughing, it always gets super silly!! Enjoy and…

*Practice before you need it!!

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